Limp Bizkit, Machine Gun Kelly Are Touring This Fall And We Should All Go



Why should we all go? 1) There is always a chance for the nookie with Limp Bizkit. 2) AltPress tells us Machine Gun Kelly is punk in 12 more ways than you think he is.

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what the actual fuck. they re not coming to san diego. this is a fucking travesty. anybody want to go to LA with me to see Limp Bizkit? this is not a joke I want to go so bad

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I didn’t just spend 9 bucks on these. #yesidid 😎


I didn’t just spend 9 bucks on these. #yesidid 😎

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"The difference two years can make."

you need a new chair bro

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B9B017 - Have Heart - ‘Straight Edge’ - 7” Ruler - April Fool’s Day, Hand Numbered 107/500, Red Ruler /400

Bridge Nine run an offer over the first weekend in April. Anyone spending a certain amount of money got a free Have Heart 7”. This is it. I thought it was funny when people posted this on the B9 Board. Some didn’t.
Chris sent me this to complete my collection. Thanks, Chris!

this is the funniest thing that ever happened in hardcore, so many people were pissed

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